Percy Fung at Film Magic hkg, 47 years service in filming works..  All about Advanced Motion Imaging research & applications.

2022 VR 180 3D Meta work show

Film Magic VR 360 factory tour. Filming 8K images with minimum crew. We ship camera to factory offices at their world location, and offer online filming training for local crew to accomplish the VR filming work.

Ultra High resolution and High dynamic range photography for virtual studio backgroundplate production

Robotic techniques are used to empower filming crew to achive different visual approaches.

A lot of remote camera filming techniques were applied during COVID19 lockdown. Here is a Robo Mobile which can crane up and turn while the mobile travel freely under remote-controls.

FM's Drone design for close vicinity aerial filming, able to carry various size cameras. Air-duct rotor design to provide additional safety for human collaboration during filming

Multi-cam Live coverage, a 22 cameras workforce meet,

Film Magic Producer, Anna Kan with our antique Mitchell BNC 35mm sound camera system, photo 1985.

Robo Vision services manager with our 3D Stereo rig solution, the HoPE 07, the onboard computer provide real-time info on 0,.01mm Inter-Ocular accuracy, and 0.01 degree Eye-convergency info. Other Video 3D 4D VR3D360 stereo system available at Film Magic as well.

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We are based in Hong Kong, we used to work and served many countries around the world. Production and project awards have been abundant, after 44 years of operation, we have scaled down during Covid19 meeting the industrial needs.

Interesting works during Covid 19 are:

1. VR 360 factory virtual Visit  

Project W, with factories around the world, produce the factory per site to invite customers and investors to take a look at a 360  video review at customers' discretion, to the current operation during the prolong COVID-19 lockdown

2. Movie Ultra High-res Panoramic backdrop for studio works

Producing large backdrop of up to 60M wide was created, and the HDR high-resolution photo plates, with stitching works up to 60,000x 12,000 pixels are required

3. Robo Vision Drone works

a. Extreme close vicinity indoor FPV drone filming. Stable, able to move around in tight corners, producing high-resolution video filming.

b. Remote controlled Robo Mobile with jib arm and pan head to provide camera platform of free indoor site travel for video filming. 

c. Body-Cam mount for VR 360 travel log 

4. Creative content distribution with Live multi-cam videocast, with large or mini videography crew.